802d for a 10x13 room, 8ft ceiling - am I nuts?


After years of patience and savings, I an afford some decent speakers. I have auditioned many (Revel, Sonus Faber Cremona, Dynaudio, B&W, Dali) and have discovered I love the B&W sound.

I am considering either the 803d, 803s or 802d. I love the way the 802d looks, but am concerned that my room is way too small for them. It is 10ft wide, 13ft long and the ceiling is 8ft tall. One side of it has a 4ftwide opening into a much larger room. It is carpeted and has many nooks and crannies, mostly filled with records and books.

I have an MC252 amp that I will be using to power the speakers and I like my bass. My preamp is an old Bozak CMA10-2DL mixer (all discrete circuitry) from the 70's and I play mostly vinyl - lots of esoteric electronic music at loud volume :)

Is the room too small for the 802d's? Should I consider the smaller 803s or 803d even though I love the look of the 802d's?

Hi Shipervarg,

As Lapierre pointed out, they are a pretty massive
speaker, and may or may not make somewhat of an "Over" statement
in your room. Hard to call! You want to make sure before
dropping that much $$, unless you can buy from a local
dealer, and can exchange them if they are to big.

Let us know what you decide.
Yes they are way to big sound wise. The down firing ports really needs some room to breath. I would demo the 803d. Much of the same sound and a lot less money. Better speakers in the wrong room does not = better sound than "lesser" speakers in the right room.

If you must have the 802D better buy good bass traps right out the gate.
My room is roughly the same size as yours. It is 0.5'
shorter and 0.5' wider. I agree with James63.

In small rooms 40 cps is the lower limit. Any thing below that will over-power the room. Bass will likely be boomy at some frequencies.

I would not be too concerned about the width - provided
that the first reflection points are treated - sides and ceiling.

The limiting diminsion in your room is the 13' measurement. The rear 1.5' is not useable; the bass back there clobbers the sound. Dependign upon the speaker design, up to 9' may be required between the speaker and the listening position for the sound to integrate. If the speakers need to be out from the wall behind - and some need 3 or 4 feet - we are out of space.

The most important component of any audio system is the room. The smaller the room the more pronounced the impact of the room becomes and the more important acoustic treatments become and the more problematic the speaker
selection becomes.

Shoot me an email with your phone number if you have any questions.

I would try it first and not worry bout the Naysayers.
if you do find your bass is up too much at the room resonance you can always insert a high pass between the amp that will roll you back to where its enough or where you want.
Cheers Johnnyr