802d for a 10x13 room, 8ft ceiling - am I nuts?


After years of patience and savings, I an afford some decent speakers. I have auditioned many (Revel, Sonus Faber Cremona, Dynaudio, B&W, Dali) and have discovered I love the B&W sound.

I am considering either the 803d, 803s or 802d. I love the way the 802d looks, but am concerned that my room is way too small for them. It is 10ft wide, 13ft long and the ceiling is 8ft tall. One side of it has a 4ftwide opening into a much larger room. It is carpeted and has many nooks and crannies, mostly filled with records and books.

I have an MC252 amp that I will be using to power the speakers and I like my bass. My preamp is an old Bozak CMA10-2DL mixer (all discrete circuitry) from the 70's and I play mostly vinyl - lots of esoteric electronic music at loud volume :)

Is the room too small for the 802d's? Should I consider the smaller 803s or 803d even though I love the look of the 802d's?

802D in that small a room is crazy! I wouldn't even consider it. I get bass boom with small monitors (B&W cm1) and small sub in a 13.5x14x8 ft room. I must dial back the sub to get a nice even musical flow.

I would strongly consider, at the most, the 804D's suggested earlier or the 805D's.

My room dimensions are similar to yours (10x12). I'm
currently running a pair of B&W Sig 805's and they
provided enough of a challenge to sort out. I really
think you'll be much happier with either the new 804D
or even the 805D with a sub.

Good luck
I have a 10.5' x 18' with Revel F52's. It took a lot of work. But I have the best sound I have ever had before. It took 6 panels and a home made Bass trap. An investment of about $400 made the room listenable. So if those are the speakers you want, you can make them work.