802D vs 803D3

What are y’all’s thoughts on this? I have 2 JL F113’s so bass isn’t the issue as much as mid bass and overall slam and presence basically. What are the trade offs between the 2?

currently running a McIntosh MC402 btw. 

going to update my system for the first time in a decade on here. Be fun to see it back than. On a large upgrade path that includes a Hugo TT2 DAC and going to upgrade cables. Also a few cables are on order and won’t be here for a few weeks


Are you running 803D's now?

I've never heard 803D's in my system but am very satisfied with my 802D's. I have a pair of Tekton 4-10 bass towers running with them. The amp is a "Magnus Audio MA-400" (500 watts at 4 ohms / 250 at 8ohms). It's great top to bottom with a stage that's detailed, as well as deep & wide.  

I’m running 802D1’s. Thinking of upgrading to 803 D3’s. 

i love my 802’s. Freaking awesome speakers