80s Metalheads...sleeper picks

Outside of Ozzy, Metallica, Ac/Dc, etc....any forgotten classics from this era? Picked up some Krokus, early Scorpions, Accept, early Def Lep, etc.....
Swanny- I guess you must be speaking of Holy Diver. I don't believe he had a S/t album. I had the vinyl of The Last in Line, and thought it was pretty bad. I just played my Green label Sabbath: S/t, and it sounds very good. Just picked up a standard press of Sabotage, and it's a very good record. Ozzy's vocals are stronger than I have heard.
This may be a little offbeat, but back in the day, I listened to Bad Brains, they were Rasta metal dudes who were pretty legendary. Their 'big' album was entitled 'i against i' and one of the tracks, 'Sacred Love,' has a very muted, odd sounding lead vocal. Apparently, the singer was in jail on a ganga charge, and they recorded his vocal track over the phone, from jail.
They don't fit neatly into any category- maybe punkish, but they ain't reggae, that's for sure.