845 SET? deHavilland / Art Audio/et..al.

Any impressions on the deHavilland Aries and Art Audio Carissa? How do they compare? Comparable 845 based amps that should be considered? How do they compare with those mentioned? And finally, and thoughts on the difference in sound between the dH Aries monoblocks and the stereo IOS? My speakers are Merlin VSM-MXes, should that enter into the equation. Thanks.
Well, I have sold the CAT JL2, and am now really focusing on the Art Audio Carissa and deHavilland 845-G for use with my Merlin VSMs. Would appreciate any additional thoughts as try to settle on one or the other. Am also considering an Atma-sphere M60 as a possible option.
Hi Pubul57,
Well, I'm probably the last person who should try to get technical but here goes: From all that I've read, I've come to think of output transformers sort of like window glass. We want windows so we can enjoy a view. The cleaner and higher quality the glass, the more lifelike the view. That said, the glass in the window also serves the purpose of sheltering us from the elements. If we had no need of this second purpose, the best view would be enjoyed by having no glass at all. Likewise, if your speakers have a sufficiently benign impedance, OTLs seem to make sense to me IMHO.
845 amps
Top Tier:
J.C. Verdier

New Audio Frontiers
Art Audio

Dehaviland (tried their GM70- great on vocals; jazz; fell apart on rock' more complicated stuff). Perhaps Aries superior in this regard?

The Rest:
ASL; all others