9-in arm for SPUs with easy VTA ?

It's surprisingly hard to find a 9-inch tonearm that accepts SPUs and offers fine, easily repeatable VTA adjustment. I know about the Ortofon RS-212D but its VTA system is less than ideal for my preferences. I really dislike adjusting with grub-screws, and that's what it appears to have. Thumbwheel VTA, like on my SME M2-12R, on the other hand, is just fine with me. I suppose I could get an SME 3009 and work up a Pete Riggle for it, but I'd rather find an integrated solution. What other 9-inchers with VTA are out there? I'm out of ideas!

Thanks in advance.
Look for a NOS or good used Victor UA-7045. they show up here and on auction sites occasionally, usually from sellers in Australia, Hong Kong or Japan. Watch for a fatigued rubber coupler where the counterweight stem meets the main arm. This and the longer 7082 have a tightly-machined helical VTA adjuster, and antiskate is on a dial atop the pivot assembly. Ultra convenient. If complete it also includes a supplemental counterweight for heavier lower compliance cartridges needing higher effective mass, plus the SPU head assembly puts the combined eff mass when it needs to be.

Phil, how is the stock internal wiring on these arms? Also, the specs say max VTF of 3g. I notice, in your primary system, that you run the 12-in. version with a Meister Silver, which has a recommended VTF of 4g. It handles that SPU OK?
Yup, no problem with the Meister Silver in my Victor 7082. I run it a bit under 4g but can go to 4g or beyond, no problem. Stock internal wiring is fine if the arm has been protected from the elements. I'm not obsessive about internal tonearm wiring anyway. Much bigger sound factors to wrangle elsewhere. I also have a 7045 and occasionally listen to an SPU in it. But with Stax, Victor & Schick 12" arms set up, I just don't have reason to do that very often. These Victor arms are now 35 years old, +/-, and bearings are still precise & free. I do use aftermarket DIN>RCA cables.

To Wrm57
I couldn't get any manual for RS212D which I was considering for some time and still are, I thought it has a thumbwheelfor VTA by just looking at the picture but I guess I was wrong. Do you have any link for the manual by any chance? I check ortofon.com but nothing there.
Thank you