901 series 2 speakers

hi, anybody out there have any thoghts of the bose 901 series 2 speakers?
I had a pair of AR2ax as my first speakers and they were among the early, great speakers. but in grad school was able to buy the 901I II's.  No comparison for party sound.  The 901s filled the room in a stone house with 2 1/2 ft thick stone walls and in apartments my wife and I lived in.
No accurate soundstage but Great Wall of music sound from anywhere in the room.  Seems to me they cost me $1100.  Used today for $3 - $4 hundred they'll be hard to beat.  Recommended  100 wpc but I never cranked close to that, even in the stone house.
watch out not only for the surrounds but make sure you get the appropriate equalizer.  Bouncing 8 speakers off the back walls required a boost in treble.  Anyone who says no base can't be real, though.  There is even a button on the equalizer to filter out the lowest frequency signals.  Bars and small outdoor venues would make maximum use of their 275 watt power handling turning them around to blast the back 8 speakers directly out.
if you go for them, check the sound with the equalizers.  Just like my B&O 8002 needed a rebuild because of dried out caps, the Bose equalizer needed recapping because of a serious hum it developed. I bought a used equalizer then went to the other extreme with a set of Thiel 2.4 with the Thiel SS1 sub for pure accuracy.  There's no comparison but the Thiel combined for well over $3k used v $300?  Buy the Bose if that's your budget.
I had them.... even heard them on tubes (MC 275)...

One major hurdle ... the equalizer is the destroyer of the sound.  If I were to have Bose 901's today?   I would get a Barcus Berry Sonic Maximizer and chuck the Bose EQ box. I am no fan of the 901 concept today.  But, if you have the right room and good rear walls for it?   The BBE would be a modest investment and should make the speakers sound much better. 
Since you are retired and wanting to keep you 901 Series II, I would suggest recapping your equalizer if you haven't done so already.  Also, I have found my Series II to work better with an older receiver vs modern separates.  And since you have owned them for over 40 years, you probably know that they should be placed according to the owner's manual, I.e. Best on the tulip stands, so many inches from side and rear walks, and not to place any objects in between.  I did all that and the bass was incredible.  I was hearing deep rumble on tracks that I never heard on another system.  I did miss the highs of modern silk dome tweeters.  Good luck.


Anyone that actually has a musical ear knows the difference between BLowse 901's and good speakers.  The 901s were an awesome cranking speaker that could put music everywhere.  The problem was,  the music was everywhere .  There is no concept of soundstaging or true accurate reproduction.  The sound was loud and clean but just not real.

I started my stereo career with ADS 810s, moved to NHT3.3s, and now have those but mainly use my Wilson Watt 8's.  I know there are many other awesome speakers out there but Blowse 901's should be outlawed from high-end discussions.

You are entitled to your opinion of Bose 901's, but realize that there are also many people who feel the same way about your Watt /Puppy 8's. Just a matter of perspective.