!!!911!!!Emergency!!!HELP If You Can PLEASE!!!

Hi folks..Yesterday the replacement for my dead Sugden arrived..A Pathos "Classic Remix Mk.II"(NOT the Inpol version)from Upscale Audio..All looked fine..My set up is an Acer 315 Chromebook,the latest version with Quad Core processor & USB 3.2/Gen.2 USB ports,lots of memory & processor speed,a Mogami USB cable to the Pathos..Fired her up & everything seemed fine..About 3 minutes in it started dropping out about every 5 minutes,then after about 10 minutes it completely stopped communicating with the Acer & disappeared from the choices of audio output on the Acer..Turned the Pathos off & back on..Same scenario..This went on about an hour then it started to work better,the drop outs only occurring about every 20 minutes or so..After another 2 hours of this & it completely cleared up,running about 90 minutes until it completely disconnected again..
 Now when I power up the Acer sees the amp as an output but as soon as the amp goes from standby to ready mode it drops out completely again..Now it will not communicate at all unless I power down & up again but as soon as the amp switches to ready mode it's gone again..I have tried all USB ports on the Acer,using a high speed USB hub,plugging into a different Chromebook,finally pulling the amp out,plugging the Audiolab M-One I had been using back in where it fired right up & works fine..
 Waiting on UpScale to get back to me thought I would check here see if someone had any other possibilities to get this going so I don't have to pack it up,send it back & wait for a replacement,which I'm not even sure will work any better...Thanks very much & merry Christmas...


Update:As soon as I finished posting the above I plugged an optical cable into my smart tv & ran to optical in on the Pathos,works fine,no drop outs,no disconnects..WTF???Thanks much..
PS:Supposedly Chromebook doesn't use drivers,only Mac & PC...

I’d initiate return and look for other safer routes to avoid unnecessary clashes with the store or manufacturer. Return while covered by the store as see this issue with Pathos here not first time. I speak from the stand point of QA engineer (Quality Assurance).


Just to close this out,when the folks in Italy were ask by the UpScale tech about this they replied "whats a Chromebook"...USB on these are designed to run off PC or MAC drivers..Chrome OS not recognized by the Pathos,never should have worked at all,the hour or so it actually worked was blind luck..
 Just going to get a good Glass Toslink cable & run from there..Even then it's still the finest sound I've ever had..

It's the USB 3.2 port. Also a Chromebook is not a good choice for anything.