A $250 Power Conditioner?

Howard reviews the Puron, which is a small AC power conditioner ($250 USD) "plug" that is distributed by Vera-Fi Audio. It’s said to cleanse the electronic circuit that feeds and audio system. Many tweaks cost a pretty penny for little or no performance increase. Is that the case here?



@russter ​​​​@lak Thanks for posting.  Very interesting, and as audio tweaks go these seem very reasonable.

I used the Shunyata Venom plug in conditioner and it worked well, cleaned the noise from the outlet   When I bought mine, I don’t think it cost more than $200 but now the price is up to $300.  If the price is right, it’s worth a try.  If you buy from a place like MD, you get a generous  return policy if you don’t like it. 

Not sure if I can see how a small unit can clean the system but it might not hurt to try

All I can say is I use 3 Puron’s in various systems I have in one room and 2 Puron's in another system and I’m a satisfied customer. I don’t know how they work but I like very much what I’m hearing.

Can you really hear a difference when using a power conditioner?  If so how significant?