A $250 Power Conditioner?

Howard reviews the Puron, which is a small AC power conditioner ($250 USD) "plug" that is distributed by Vera-Fi Audio. It’s said to cleanse the electronic circuit that feeds and audio system. Many tweaks cost a pretty penny for little or no performance increase. Is that the case here?




I added the second one on the other 20amp outlet, and it is not going to come out. I don’t want to sound like a shill. So I quietly updated my system page.

They sent me one with UPGRADED Furutech Blades. The darn thing is really amazing. It makes music. Simple as that. Mines not leaving either.

Milpai I can’t blame you , mine are welded now where they are? Just kidding.

I am not an electronic engineer, but how can a device like this work with no continuity running through it? I tested mine with an ohm meter and got zilch. Perhaps it was defective? 

That is interesting. I just checked one that I am trying now and get the same continuity results. Anyone out there with a more solid electrical background than myself have any ideas?