A $250 Power Conditioner?

Howard reviews the Puron, which is a small AC power conditioner ($250 USD) "plug" that is distributed by Vera-Fi Audio. It’s said to cleanse the electronic circuit that feeds and audio system. Many tweaks cost a pretty penny for little or no performance increase. Is that the case here?



They sent me one with UPGRADED Furutech Blades. The darn thing is really amazing. It makes music. Simple as that. Mines not leaving either.

Milpai I can’t blame you , mine are welded now where they are? Just kidding.

I am not an electronic engineer, but how can a device like this work with no continuity running through it? I tested mine with an ohm meter and got zilch. Perhaps it was defective? 

That is interesting. I just checked one that I am trying now and get the same continuity results. Anyone out there with a more solid electrical background than myself have any ideas?

how do you buy the version with furutech blades. I bought the standard version on audiogon but can seem to find a place to buy the upgraded one

Also, I updated some items in my streamer chain.  + fully burnt in the puron and brightness seems to have gone away