A 9 watts beats Passlabs, EAR and YBA ?

Over the weekend, I have listened extensively to the following four different amplifiers and I have decided once and for all that the SET 300B, no negative feedback is the way to go.
The four amplifiers are as follows:
Passlabs X150: very neutral, powerful yet the sound almost very sterile.
EAR 834: very musical, tube mid-range yet sound the least like live music.
YBA 2 High current, Double Transformers: very musical, soft and sound very enjoyable; yet again not like live music.
Audio Note kit one: This is a killer and provided the music is limited to vocals and chamber music. Very good mid-range with good attack and the best like live music; but not very much bass.
However, this listening session made me to want more bass with the SET.
Thinking about the Cary 805, deHavilland or Atma-sphere ?
Any comment ?
Please advice
Its all about the rules of human hearing. Negative feedback generates distortion that the human ear is very sensitive to: odd ordered harmonics. They cannot be eliminated unless you also get rid of negative feedback! So amps that are zero feedback will often sound inherently smoother and more musical than those that use it. more:

Hello, Undertow,
Thanks for the advice and I believe for over 35 years of getting this live music reproduction bug bite; I can really see someone who has the same passion for the live music as me.
Definitely I will get more information regarding this Audio Mirror.
Yes, I have the Cary, but not the 805; but the 300B SE.
Only 15 watts and I believe it will do the same as the Audio Note.
All the best
If you have a chance, try the EAR 890. The 834 is a little soft and vague sounding, at least to my ears. The 890 is a different beast - musically real and engaging.
As far as I knew, all the EAR would have a family kind of tonality; yes, the 890 is more powerful, it still a PP Class A and it probably will not be as lively as the SET.
Atmasphere...Would you please explain the mechanism whereby feedback causes odd order harmonic distortion.