A 9 watts SET for the Maggies, Heavenly marriage

For the heading, I need to start a new thread; this is because the last thread does not do the Audio Note the justice.
The comparison among all those EAR, Pass labs, YBA and the little, David, Audio Note kit one, does illustrate that if we can relate our live musical experience, the SET certainly rules.
For whatever reasons, I like to have advice on higher powered SET amplifiers for the Maggies
Please advice
for several years, i was running my MGLR1s with the Musical Fidelity XA-200 monoblocks and they were happy. 2 years ago, I tried the Cayin 845/300B monos (27W SET) and found they worked, but to a very limited extent only: volume cannot be raised beyond 8'o clock... yet the SQ of the SET vs the brute XA-200s is much to my liking.

i kept the SETs, sold the Maggies, and settled for the Vollas... but i still missed the maggies even today.

i now have a beefier tube amp (SF Power 2) that can handle the maggies and i am on the hunt for a 1.6... my only limit is room size :-(

i, too, would be happy to go back to SETs coupled to maggies, but the high-powered ones are not only rare here on this side of the pond, they are very expensive.

i saw the Kronzillas in HK and the tubes were LARGE! i thought the 845s were big, but they seem like 6DJ8-types sitting side-by-side with the KR tubes... These Kronzillas are monsters, pretty monsters, and their prize is off-the-roof and burns my bank account... i wish...

we can dream, good buddy :-)
and until a SET-made-in-audio-heaven comes along, my quest for the 1.6QRs will have to wait...

A different perspective.I owned Maggies for years and I believe that planar speakers are like a beautiful woman,or a fine vintage wine,once you go there you can never have anything less.Having said that,I moved on to Innersound EROS 3's,simply because I wanted to audition a "Stat". Never looked back,and I still have the Innersounds,provides all the good things that a Maggie does but reproduces the full spectrum of music down to 25Hz.And it's sensitivity is 90db.The downside is the small sweetspot,12 to 15".
So if you're hooked on SET's and you're a solo listener it's something you may want to consider.
Who cares about the only sweet spot if that is being occupied by oneself.
Listening to the Maggies is the best experience one can ask for given that the rest of the box speakers are colored to begin with.
We come to this world alone and we will go back to whereever we are from alone; who cares about the 12" to 15" wide of listening sweet spot, right?
Maggies is my life and SET is my soul; live music is my destiny, right?
Long live the SET