A 9 watts SET for the Maggies, Heavenly marriage

For the heading, I need to start a new thread; this is because the last thread does not do the Audio Note the justice.
The comparison among all those EAR, Pass labs, YBA and the little, David, Audio Note kit one, does illustrate that if we can relate our live musical experience, the SET certainly rules.
For whatever reasons, I like to have advice on higher powered SET amplifiers for the Maggies
Please advice
The reason why I mentioned XA is because Robert wants the sound of SET, XA is much better candidate than X-150.

About the power, I'm not sure since my Dunlavy is more sensitive and XA-160 can do very good job. OTOH, XA sould be not be worse than the rest of SETs he mentioned. BTW, XA .5 version probably are better for difficult load.
Hello, everyone,
Thanks for the response and yes, I understood the Pass Labs XA.
But, are they SET, Single end Triode?
Please advice
By the way, how does the X150 compare with the XA?
I believe it is the bottom of the food chain, right?
Not sure on your price range,but as suggested in another thread. You may want to take a look at the KR Audio amplifiers. If some these amplifiers can drive Acoustats. They'll have no problems driving your maggies. Here's a review of them doing that very thing Kronzilla.