A.A. Capitole..unfortunately not yet..$$$$$$

A very generous friend allowed me to audition his AA Capitole in my system.What I heard ,at that moment,was just jaw-dropping wonderful.Never had music sounded that good coming from my system.Well all good things have to come to an end.When he left ,that night,so did his Capitole.
After that night my goal was to own one of those units however my financial situation will not allow that to happen for a couple more years.
Now I have a Sonic Frontier SFT-1 transport going to a Musical Fidelity A3 24 DAC.
Because of my location auditioning other transports,DAC or even all-in one units ,is out of the question.
Any suggestions on how to improve the digital side of my system,getting as close to the Capitole without breaking the bank, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
For $20, try a Herbie Grungebuster CD mat on your CDs. A small easy step in the right direction...Cheers, Spencer
Don't start second-guessing your whole system just yet. You heard the Capitole in your system and loved it, so you know it'll work. Tweaks come later, you need a major change.
So, take the earlier suggestions - dump the MuFi DAC, (forget the BelCanto) add the Prima DAC (the newest model is a preamp - two sets of rca inputs, and you can sell your present preamp to defray the cost) or keep your pre and buy the Prima 242/192 CD player.
Golden Ears..I think your advice is sound.Tweaks come later especially since I have identified a weakness with my current digital system and infact did improve it to a degree which I never thought possible if I had not heard it with my own ears.
The Capitole will be my eventually goal however my next step will be a Prima as I have a decent pre ( I think) the Blue Circle Galatea.
I thank everyone for their input .
Audiogon discussion forum has come through again for me...