A Big Shout out to TAP Electronics

Sal at Tap  had my Esoteric K0 3x SACD and CD player fixed in 24 hours. I live in N. Ca. about a 6 hour drive one way from where TAP is located Buena Park Ca. My daughter lives in southern Ca. So i talk my wife into dropping it off when she went down for a visit. I was told it would be about 2 weeks if they did not need any parts from Japan Esoteric. Had the drawer mechanism replaced along with the laser pick up.(Laser repair was not needed. But do to age i decided to get it replaced while it was in the shop) I told them that my wife would be in town just a couple days for the visit with daughter. And we would come back down and pick it up when he had it ready in 2 weeks. In 24 hours he notified me that all the work was done. It past all the testing they do. fixed and replaced all that need plus the laser. So i will have it back in my hands this weekend. 



Great to hear about another resource for competent repair.

I'm in Long Beach-half hour away. Thanks for bringing attention to Tap Electronics.

Sal is a great person to talk too.I return my esoteric sacd to the seller why I did not send it to TAp.

Hello chayro

Yes its working great. The only draw back is they reset all setting to original factory settings. You have to go back in to the menu and hope you remember what setting you liked. (sample rate , digital filters etc.) Other than that Tap gets five stars plus.