A big thanks to Thiel

I am so much satisfied for the service received by Shari at Thiel's factory that I am glad to publicly thank the company for his honesty, nobility and kindness. I can easily imagine that many audiophiles think the same.
I'll jump on this bandwagon, and give a shout out to Shari as well. She provided me with an astounding level of customer service, and also took care of some potential problems for me with grace and true concern. And I also told her that I had purchased my speakers (CS3.6) used. I had been a Thiel fan for years before I was able to afford them, and I am even more entrenched now. The fact that they make some amazing speakers certainly helps, too!

It is refreshing to know that the "art" of customer service is not dead!

Recently I received again a great service from Thiel: Shari and the other guys at Thiel are really the best for Customer Care.
Praise be to Thiel, and the angel Shari. Thiel is the model of what customer service can be.
I can only say the same guys. Recently my daughter pushed the dust covers of my CS6 speakers very badly. I called Shari on Friday and on Tuesday I received the new covers by FedEx. On Wednesday the covers were changed and on Thursday I listened to music again. Not to mention that I also received a pair binding post free of charge. Thiel's customer service is just exemplary.