A blood oath among Audiogonistas

If all of us, without exception, swear to each other and sign here in blood (virtually, of course) that we will never, ever, under any circumstance, buy anything from those who post in all caps, maybe they'll stop.

This will require commitment and sacrifice. When the ones who post in all caps begin to get desperate they will begin to lower their prices and we'll be sorely tempted to abandon the cause, But we can't give in, we have to be strong and see this through together. You're either with us or you're against us.

If you suspect that a post is going to be in all caps, don't even click on the headline. If you can't help reading the ad and the price seems too good to pass up, console yourself in the thought that you're making a small financial sacrifice so that someday there will be a world where your children won't have to read posts in all caps.

It will be worth it in the end.
The reason they post in all caps is because they are hard of hearing... HELL, I thought everybody knew that!
TELL us HOW to THINK, tell US how TO write, TELL us HOW to SPEAK, tell US what WE should SAY and NOT say, TELL us HOW to DEFECATE, tell US, tell US, tell US.

Another control freak posting!

I apologize if you were offended by my original post. It was intended to be humorous, and most people seem to have taken it that way, but it did have a serious point, as well.

Writing in all caps has two immediate effects and both of them are bad for the poster.

It has the effect of making a reader feel as if he or she is being yelled at, not a great way to start a transaction, and it makes the post a lot harder to read.

The form of human writing has taken a few thousand years to evolve but it's now reasonably efficient. Capital letters have a specific function. To use a musical analogy, they contribute to the rhythm of meaning the way percussion marks the rhythm of a musical passage. When every letter is capitalized, there is no rhythm and the meaning is obscured.

Again, sorry if anyone was offended. I may have gotten that critical ratio of caffeine to ibuprofen a little off yesterday morning and not been as sensitive as I might have been.
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