A cartridge with more bite, please and thank you

My Hana SL is a little soft sounding for the Linn LP12/Cirkus/Mober supchassis/Alphason Xenon MCS and I'm looking for some direction and insight. My phono preamp is a Supratek Syrah.

Thinking about Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, ZYX Ultima 100 and Soundsmith Paua. Anybody out there compare these? Heard any of them on a similar set up? Or, have other recommendation that would mate well?


I see a lot Ortofon recommendations for Alphason, the ZYX reviews well and Soundsmith is right down the river - I've enjoyed their lower models and like the rebuild concept and pricing. That said, best sound is best sound!

Oh, I'm also open to having the Alphason rewired - I'm not sure that's the biggest priority right now, but it's tempting...

Muchas gracias and happy holidays!


And maybe a Lyra.will do it - I'll read up. Thanks for tthat.

@jasonbourne52 that's an easy enough experiement - escellente. I appreciate the suggestion. Maybe running it a little tail up will harden it up a bit. 

With such a high compliances at 10HZ...like 30+cu's for the ART9 and  20ish for Lyra Delos cartridges, they don't seem like a good match except with very light weight arms? I've relied on matching arm weight to cartridge weight and compliance to thin the field of cartridges...I imagine that may not tell the whole story, especially w/the ART9 as it seems impossible to match that way except with an impossibly light arm! At first blush, they both look to be outside the bounds of poor resonance control - maybe Vinyl Engine's chart is out of date with more modern materials and construction...maybe that still applies to the vintage Alphason...maybe I could use some tutelage....

I've ran several Lyra and now an Audio Technica ART9 XI on my Triplanar (a decidedly medium mass arm) with no compliance or resonance issues whatsoever. 


The pivot to spindle of the Alphason is 211mm

The Linn Ittok/Ekos are both 211mm pivot to spindle as well. The Ekos would be the best option if possible, the Ittok would be a sideways move vs the Alphason.

Not sure on the newer Linn arms.

Not sure on whether the cut-out hole is the same size - you would need to check.

Both the Ittok & Ekos work with a wide range of cartridges in my experience.

@palasr Richard?! Thanks for that. Didn't you check a bunch of Sylvania 6sn7w's for me back in the day?