A challenge to the "measurement" camp

I’ve watched some of his video and I actually agree on some of what he said,
but he seems too confident on his insistence on measurement. For those
who expound on the merits of blind test and measurement, why not turn
the table upside down?

Why not do a blind test of measurement? That is I will supply all the measurement
you want, can you tell me which is a better product?

For example, if I have a set of cable, and a set of measurement for each
individual cable, can you tell me which is the best cable based on measurement
alone? I will supply all the measurement you want.
After all, that is what you’re after right? Objective result and not subjective
listening test.

Fast forward to 8:15 mark where he keeps ranting about listening test
without measurement.  

By the way, is he getting paid by Belden?  Because he keeps talking about it
and how well it measures.  I've had some BlueJean cables and they can easily
bettered by some decent cables.  
@geoffkait ,
No frequencies? So you are admitting that transmission line effects have 0 impact on audio? Nice! I knew you would come around eventually.

>>>>>>Even more disturbing perhaps, the signal in audio systems has no frequencies at all. Not in the power cord, not in audio interconnects, not in digital cables, not in wires, not in fuses, not in speaker cables. Voltage and current are frequency independent. It’s Nowheresville! 🤗

The only transmission line effect that matters is the one that terminates at my ear. It in effect becomes the final judge and jury. All the hoopla about trying g to twist numbers to prove any personal bias or views are totally irrelevant. If you don’t have the proper techniques to measure what individuals hear, doesn’t mean it’s not science, just means the proper techniques aren’t being applied, or discovered yet. I’m a physics major and I do believe science determines much of it, though in the end, personal preferences are something of a different matter, but doesn’t mean they don’t exist either
The signal in audio cables do not (rpt not) carry audio frequencies, they can carry RF frequencies. 😬 Nobody agrees what the signal is, where it travels in wire or how it’s affected by vibration and RF. So cut me some slack Jack!

"...no frequencies at all. Not in the power cord..."

Did we switch to direct current, or Hertz still applies?

Oh, geez, here we go with the what about this, what about that routine. My head Hertz. 😩