A challenge to the "measurement" camp

I’ve watched some of his video and I actually agree on some of what he said,
but he seems too confident on his insistence on measurement. For those
who expound on the merits of blind test and measurement, why not turn
the table upside down?

Why not do a blind test of measurement? That is I will supply all the measurement
you want, can you tell me which is a better product?

For example, if I have a set of cable, and a set of measurement for each
individual cable, can you tell me which is the best cable based on measurement
alone? I will supply all the measurement you want.
After all, that is what you’re after right? Objective result and not subjective
listening test.

Fast forward to 8:15 mark where he keeps ranting about listening test
without measurement.  

By the way, is he getting paid by Belden?  Because he keeps talking about it
and how well it measures.  I've had some BlueJean cables and they can easily
bettered by some decent cables.  
You are all over the map even with the few posts you have made.  Bye bye.

speaker cable companies claim they’re cables are capable of

tanktop 5 posts

07-10-2020 9:29am

If you think otherwise you’re brain dead!

How, quantum entanglement?
The Audioholics basically labels true audiophiles as stupid, gullible people.  Yet well known audio companies advertise on their website.  Why would they seek to alienate customers?  
"If you think otherwise you’re brain dead!"
Can you think and be brain dead?
glupson5,731 posts07-10-2020 1:10amJust to remind everyone, on a consumer level current world is cableless.

Ask any 20-year-old what cables are for. She/he may not have even one in their possession and yet be entirely functional. Many, if not most, have only cable for phone charger. Some not even that.

If you truly want to advance signal transmission, figure out better quality wireless and not novelty cable.

The problem is a bit ’off’, as you see..there is an inherent and so far unsolved problem with ADC devices. They cannot parse a signal fine enough for high fidelity to actually ’be’ in the world of wireless. That they miss the point and the ear hears it or rather covers it up and hums along, in most people's cases. (most people have no idea how the ear/brain works, much to the loss of high en aduio, overall)

As, for wireless to work, we have to digitally encode an analog signal, every time, unless it is all electronic music being reproduced. As all signals in audio were originally analog and then converted with the FAULTED ADC devices. You know, the ones with the fundamental problem that has yet to be solved, that no one like to talk about. They talk about it so little that the vast number of audiophiles do not know the problem exists.

when we get to the end of all that, we find that analog cables, in an all triode or v-fet system, is the only real functional signal capturing and playback chain.

The rest is just distorted derivations, reduction after reduction until we’re left with a turd.

Which is how we got to the current stories about all the kids freaking out about how WE...the older crew, somehow had all the magic music during our time.

The loss is due to the slow erosion of the carrier, medium, the delivery system. Pidgin carrier means pidgin language means pidgin meaning/mind/people/message/etc. It’s a simple thing, if you can reach it. Garbage carrier means garbage message...

The art of making it work with the human ear was never realized as the problem or issue that it really is .... and the whole thing got thrown in the garbage over convenience and money. Reduced to a turd for the convenience of the modern average man. We lost the thread and the meaning behind fidelity, or, more properly never really realized what it was about and how it related to the human ear.

We are finally getting to understand how the human ear works with all this stuff and we can go back and correct the 35-50 years of mess that we call transistors and digital.