A comparable phono preamp

I recently bought a rouge audio rp7 preamp my amp is a bryston 4b my turntable is a linn basic with an akito tonearm with a linn adict mm cartridge mounted to it.I would like to at a later time up date it with a MC cartridge. My speakers are a pair of dynaudio special fortys with a rel s510 sub woofer. Now my preamp has no phono section nor dose the turntable. The phono preamp I have sounds cold harsh and to bright. It is a NAD PP4 and I am using it because it is what I use to record vynal to digital with a USB out. I should of bought a phono preamp when i bought the preamp .Now I am looking for a phono preamp that will give me that warm natural sound I am looking for. Can anyone suggest to me a phono preamp that will make my system sound like what I have spent to build it. TY mal11963


Take a look at what Darlington Labs has to offer. MP7/SU7 combo starting at $1000. Read what people are saying. I've been very pleased with my MP7 and Keith is great to work with!! Not upgrading any time soon...

@avanti1960 1++  You are probably overloading the NAD which would result in the sound you describe. You really do not want a MM cartridge output higher than 5 mv. Avanti's suggestions are fine but probably more expensive than you would like. It would be less expensive to go for something like a Parasound JC3+ and a lower output cartridge like one of the high output Soundsmiths which put out about 3 mv. 

+1 for Rogue Ares. Very flexible due to wide scale of gain adjustments and tube rolling friendly. Outboard linear PS. If you lucky enough you could get upgraded Magnum version of Ares for around $1500 used. 

If you are willing to stay with MM or moving iron you could not too much better than an Audio Research LP 1 which you will have to pick up used unless there is a NIB to be found somewhere. I use one in one of my systems and it is exceptional for the cost. Look it up.