A/D/S Fans: help me find a center channel

Many of us still love ads speakers I have recently cobbled together an nice 3rd basement system for TV movie watching using 1090s and or l300s. I am seeking a center to mate with these in timbre and tone.

Ads center channel models were made sometime after the L series and from my understanding are not the same animal as the l series. I have also tried just using the fronts as a Phatom center but I prefer a center for TV movies and switch it off for music.

So if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the input. Now this is for non critical listening so I’m not expecting a perfect or even ideal match.

As an FYI I currently use a Boston acoustics micro center which luckily mates pretty well. I’d just like something a bit larger sounding

Anyone have thoughts on trying one of the traditionally warmer related sounding brands ....maybe something from the UK like an older spendor or warfdale or maybe Sonus Faber ?
My only requirement is it I’d like to keep it seven inches or shorter....thanks in advance for any thoughts.

i would stay in the ads family--the L570 is often available around $100/pair on ebay and is terrific at that price--you can use one as a center and have a spare.
Agreed on the ADS L570, or even the older L520 and L420 (smaller). I used to retail them. You'd have to lay them on their side, which would hurt the center-sound only for someone sitting far off axis, at the side of the room.
I hear many people like the new, small KEF Q100 -- for you, laid on its side. It should balance well-enough with your existing ADS. Get them from Crutchfield-- 60-day return, no questions. Too bad you have to buy two, unless they have a single one to sell you out of a damaged pair! I have no relationship to Crutchfield.

With both the old ADS and the new KEF, you will be getting very clear vocals at loud and soft levels, which is not true of many speakers in this lower-price range.

ADS produced great speakers! Back in the day when I thought I needed a center channel speaker, I used a pair of L400's laid on their side, woofer-to-woofer, with the tweeters at each end. They worked out great. Since I watch a lot of older movies, many in mono, I prefer the sound out of my main speakers, L1290/2's, which spreads the sound out wider, so I don't use a center channel anymore. Probably heresy to most, but works for me.

Roy's choice of the other models is good also; have personally used the L420. You can't go wrong with any of them, size probably being your determining factor.