A DAC that can make digital sound analog?

Hi All,

I have a ModWright Oppo 105D. It’s excellent....but it sure don’t sound like vinyl or tape.

What DACs have you heard that really work like magic on digital audio files? 

I am interested in DACs that kill that digital glare/blare, that gives you that sense of ‘blackness’ or ‘darkness’ to the audio soundscape, really letting you hear into the mix...ya know that layering, space and depth that is very evident on tape.

Very curious to hear your thoughts.

Years ago a lot of people tried to change dirt into gold. Now the same with DAC...
the problem is the source.
I think you need to accept the fact that digital and analog are going to sound different, just like most sources (digital and analog) sound different from each other.  

It comes down to what you like and find enjoyable.  I have an Oppo 105D and am familiar with it.  I also had an Oppo HA-1 headphone amp for a while.  The Oppos are "digital" sounding.  I don't find the sound unpleasant, but I have a number of DACs that I prefer - my Auralic Vega is the best of the bunch.  The DAC in my Sony TA-ZH1ES headphone amp is also very nice. 

Recently I purchased a used MHDT Orchid and have found this to be a very nice sounding DAC. 

What all of these DACs have in common is a "warmer" sound. 

The Orchid is a R2R non-oversampling DAC with a tube buffer.  It "only" does 24/192, no MQA, no DSD, but I've been using it in my computer system and find it very detailed but without a lot of the harshness sometimes associated with digital.  With the Orchid you can "roll" both the tubes and the DAC chip if you're into that sort of thing.  Mine came with a couple of extra tubes and DAC chips, but I haven't tried making any changes yet.

After my experience with the Orchid, I would recommend checking it or some of the other R2R DACs out.  
Emm Labs DA2 is one such DAC that can END your quest.
Not if your goal is for digital to sound like vinyl.  The DA2 is a SOTA DAC that makes music sound like music.  But it certainly doesn't sound anything like vinyl or else I wouldn't own it as I can't stand the vinyl sound.
Not sure if this has been mentioned but the writer in this article finds that the Audio Research CD9’s DAC creates analog-like sound, even compares it to vinyl. Not sure if the DAC can be used separate from the transport.

(Edit: It can and even has a USB input.)

I’m also guessing it costs a fortune.

(Edit: It does. $13,000.)
Why would you want a analog sound ? What is the benefit . Analog should be striving for a digital sound these days .