A decent integrated amp under 2K ...

I'm looking for an INTEGRATED AMP. My speakers are Altec 620A (100 db efficiency) and my listening room is 14 x 21. I mainly listen to digital files from my DAC (Metrum) but sometimes I feel less lazy and put on a vinyl on my Garrard. I don't need a phono stage, I use the one from another integrated amplifier (Spendor D40). Here's my shortlist:

1) Belles Aria Integrated (slightly powerful for my needs)

2) Croft phono integrated (since I don't need a phono stage, I think it's a shame to burn tubes for nothing)

3) Rogue Sphinx V3 (too powerful for my needs)

FURTHER CONSIDERATIONS: I can live with tubes but only in the PREAMP section and I try to avoid Class A due to the heat. I'm open to Class D (proof: the Rogue) but the choice is limited and these devices come with a bunch of stuff I don't need. I rather spend my $ where it will make a difference.



With 100db you only need a maximum of say 5 watts My friend purchased a Raven Audio integrated amp 20wpc and it was nicer than the Line Magnetics. Don’t ask me the models I don’t know but he has also been looking for a nice integrated amp. He was pleased with the amp for the price.  We don't make integrated amps only power amps and preamps so I cannot build you one at this point in time.

I am very happy with my Cayin A88T

this is what convinced me


if you search, you probably can find a new one just within your budget.

I bought a used one, they are very solidly made.



McIntosh MC 7100  not just a decent amp,  but spectacular   Used 1k to less than 2k.    I personally have one and have used it since the 90's  rarely has it been off.  Works fantastic now just as it did when new.  I will have it forever.  Just my two cents worth.