A'gon Classified or Auction - Which do you prefer?

Curious to know how members feel about listing items on classifed or auction. Which format works best in your experience?
I ignore the auctions. I dont like sitting like a baby bird trying to get the mother to vomit in my mouth opposed to my siblings.

I preffer classifieds, it is straight forward, simple, less waiting, less hassle.

Maybe if i was stupid-rich then high end art or memorabelia auctions would be neat to do, but im not stupid rich, so i dont. ;)
I prefer to buy through classified. I feel too much pressure with auctions and I don't like having all that competition with other buyers. Also, I feel less time contraint. Suppose I find somthing I like and there's a day or five hours or an hour left in the auction. That doesn't give me much time to email and "feel out" the seller, ask questions, do research and make an informed, well thought-out decision. Guess I'm a laid back sorta fella.

I have not sold any gear here yet but I would likey use classified. Cast 'er in, wait for a nibble.

I have had very good response of my classified sales on AG...

I don't have the patience for auctions unless I'm just curios about what something listed at a low beginning price ends up selling for. It is a form of entertainment.

Auctions seem to play on a persons addictive personal aspects especially in some communities... Like the crazy high end auto auctions where its like a little piece of "Las Wages".  Great fun to watch, I could even imagine attending, like a going to a circus with great people watching.

AG does require a bit of patience and the trust of buyers and sellers integrity.

I find the AG community in general to be great people sharing the love of music and the gear that delivers and of course, most of us love a good deal when we find one!