A good cartridge match for a VPI Scout 1.1 w/ JMW-9T arm, under $1,000

Looking to match a Scout 1.1 w/ cartridge with acoustic Americana, jazz,and chamber music...Very little rock/pop listening these days...Budget, $1,000 or less.

 I have a Pro-Ject tube box 2 phono stage, Belles LA-01 pre and SA-100 power, Tannoy Rev. 8XT speakers...

My local dealer in NH has an Acoustic Signature TT w/a Hanna MC cart. Very nice sound. 
Here's my .02: Like you, I like to keep my hifi habit in check, so keep my cartridges under a grand.  I've used a Dynavector 10x5 HO, a Nagaoka MP500, Clearaudio Virtuoso MM, Ortofon 2M Black, Audio Technica AT09, Sumiko BP Special, Grado Sonata Platinum Reference, Sumiko LO Blackbird, and of course, a Shure V15 IV.  I listen to rock, acoustic rock, jazz and blues through three systems.  Here are some impressions. 

If your records are old and worn, nothing tracks like the Shure, and stylus replacements are easy -- and it sounds better-than-okay through my Zu Omens (my kids use this system to play their records).  I found the Dynavector to be the liveliest of the bunch and fun to listen to, especially with blues and rock.  But since my speakers are on the lively side, I found the Dyna to be a bit fatiguing after a while.  It was hard for me to appreciate and real difference between the Ortofon and the Nagaoka through my Vandy 3A Sigs, but the Ortofon really shined (shone?) through my Audio Physic Classic 30s (on a modded Rega RP6)  That seems to be a great synergy.  My Sumiko Blackbird has been a great all-rounder too.  It came as part of a package with a Pro-ject Evolution 10.2 Superpack.  It's a joy to listen to, especially on Jazz and live acoustic music.  The Nagaoka is my backup to any of these when they need a stylus replaced, and I would be just as happy if it were my only cartridge.  The others were all okay -- not bad, but not better than anything I'm using now.

If I had to pick one cartridge for its ease of alignment, use, and listen-ability, though, I'd have to go with the Ortofon 2M Black.  It just does everything well, without calling too much attention to any part of the music, and doesn't favor any type of music.

My next foray will be to score either a Shelter 501, or a Soundsmith Zephyr or Carmen, as both seem to be available on the "lightly used" market for under a grand.  Good Luck!
Dynavector 20x2H if you have a phono pre that handles only MM; or a 20x2L if you have a phono pre that can handle MC.
I hope I can bring a little life back into this thread. I acquired a used turntable that came with a JWM-9T arm and a Nagaoka MP-300 cart. So far, I have been supremely happy with the combination. it is now time to replace the stylus, and I have learned that the mass of the JWM-9T (10.5 grams somewhat disputed), and the compliance of the MP300 (dynamic 7) make them a bad combination. 

This is my first higher end turntable, so I have to ask:
Do I: just replace the stylus on the MP300 because that is way cheaper than a new cart, and if it works, it must be OK,
or Do I: Get out there and find something new because I don’t know what I am missing.

I am specifically jacking this thread as there are 2 people on here that have experience with matching the JWM-9T with a Nagaoka. I await your advice.