A GOOD dry record cleaning device

I have  tried several “on turntable platter” dry” cleaning brushes. I currently wash my albums (wet clean) with a Spin Clean wash manual system before they are ever played.  I currently use Audio Quests’ new Carbon fiber brush first and then a Big Fudge cleaner with their cleaning solution afterwards before the stylus drops onto vinyl.  (Yes I clean the stylus too). I am not sold the Big Fudge is cleaning the grooves well enough…

Can y’all give me your thoughts and suggestions please for a better cleaner?


I use the Yukimu ASB-1 Brush, very similar to the Furutech ASB-1.

It is made using CORBRID Fibres as part of the Brush Make Up, which are known for Anti Static Properties.

The Brush Bristles are extremely fine and soft. 

To use this, I do two inner to outer dead wax cleans, with the bristles laid flat going with the flow of LP's rotation.

I have yet to have a LP show a level of surface particulate immediately following a clean that will be a concern.

This is such a soft Brush, and easy to keep the Bristles tangle free, I even use it   as a Styli Cleaner.

Maybe Neil Antin in another update, can show methods to keep Cleaning Bristles in their cleanest condition.  

@whart Isopropyl Alcohol, not India Pale Ale. Not that I'm advocating its use in the context but it is not an uncommon approach. Acronyms are dangerous, aren't they? 

I've never cleaned a record with a double IPA, though I may have listened under those conditions. Probably not carefully.


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Maybe Neil Antin in another update, can show methods to keep Cleaning Bristles in their cleanest condition.  


I gave up using any dry brush on a record over a year ago.  I just use the Teflon rod that I address in the book with current updates.  For me it works good enough and is easy to keep clean. 

To clean a dry brush using a dry process you may want to try a low-tack silicone roller - Amazon.com: YYQTGG Dust Removal Roller Plastic Handle Electrostatic Safe Low Tack Silicone Film Roller for Fiber Removal Circuit Board (10in) : Tools & Home Improvement.  I use the 4-in version to clean the platter mat that I use.  It does not appear to leave any residue and they last a long time.  The roller is easy to clean under flowing water (use your fingers to gently clean) and then rinse with DIW, shake and let dry.  

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