A good inexpensive integrated for Totem Sttaf's

A good inexpensive integrated for Totem Sttaf's

I have been holding out looking for an integrated to finish off my starter system. I have the totem sttaf’s, an old Integra Pro-Logic Integrated, and an X-Dac V3 (fed by lossless itunes collection via airport using toslink).

I have been needing to get an integrated in the system just to get it up and running, the Integra is under powering the speakers (I feel like I have to turn the knob to 80% just to get good sound out of them).

I was searching for a good deal on a Jolida 502b but my pockets are to emptied now that I we are furnishing our first home so I just need something decent around the $600 used mark and am looking for a good/warm/musical match for my blues/jazz/Americana.

Room size: 18 x 13 x 10 (though this is a great room so there is an adjacent 8x10 and 8x12 rooms off to the side …listening area has a solid front and back wall 14 ft apart)

Speakers: Impedance 8 ohms / Sensitivity 88 dB / Power 100 W max. program

Is the 302b an idea ok given my room size?
Should I look at Solid State for now?

The main focus here is to get the speakers breathing and then upgrade later because this Integra amp is a big sissy-to-my-ears.
The Audio Refinement Complete is within your price range used and is a wonderful integrated. Here's one review from Soundstage and there are a number of others online. A typical used price is around $500.
I don't really know much about Jolida amps but when I read your post I recalled an ad I just saw for a demo JD 1501RC although it is in Toronto, Canada.

They want $750 CAD for it which is probably around the USD 600 you want to pay:


Good luck,
Have just gone through all this for a small system i am putting together for my mum using Arros.On Totems advise I have just ordered a Unico 80, they say its a wonderful combo. Like you I can't get to hear all this stuff so I hope its as good as they say. Drop them a line they seem most helpful.
Regards Steve.
Well, I finally settled and am picking up a Musical Fidelity x-150 integrated. I was able to pick it up for under $700 delivered so I just decided to go for it. It is an amp i heard with totem Arro's and I really enjoyed it relative to my Integra. Also it is small, clean, and has a remote for the wife. It should be enough for the Sttaf's I am hoping.

I figure its something good to start with that I can rely on and use to enjoy music with. I might still look into tube separates down the road but I need to spend time with solid and tube before really knowing what I want.
the bryston b60. a neutral amp for a neutal loudspeaker. articulate from top to bottom. no bloom-no boom....which is what you can expect with most totem/tube combos