A Good Match?

I've been trying to match an integrated amp with my Hales Rev. One speakers. Here's what I came up with: Yamaha A-S500.... very well reviewed. 85wpc. The Hales have sensitivity of 87db. Any opinions as to whether the Yamaha will efficiently drive the Hales? If you are familiar with my other threads on this subject, you'll know I'm on a budget regarding the amp. Thanks for any and all advice. Mike
someone here is selling a couple of new Yaqin el34 based amps, that would put out some meat! and colors and texture....for 400 bucks!
40 tube watts go along way too.
You have mentioned that you are on a budget, but I don't believe you've mentioned any numbers. Have you browsed the used section here? A modest sum goes so much further in the used market. Here in San Diego, someone is selling a classic Adcom combo, the GFA 545 and GTP 350, for well below the price of that Yamaha. I'll bet something like that would work quite well. Keep an eye out, and you'll see that attractive budget deals come up frequently.

These were part of a surround package, yes? I have a similar situation, where my mains are bookshelves from a decent surround system, though the Hales are certainly more highly regarded. Same size drivers, 85 db sensitivity. There are many discussions in the forums where knowledgeable members have reported that small bookshelves really need a lot of power to sing. I found that that was the case for me (until I began active biamping, but that's another story). Still, it's difficult to pull a wpc figure out of thin air. NAD, Adcom, Hafler, etc. Plenty of high power quality pieces that go for pennies.

Perhaps I need to be a corrected, but it's my impression that speakers designed for surround applications are not likely to have wide ohm swings, as so many surround receivers would have trouble with this.