A good start on selecting cables?

Hello there in audio-land.

I am really having difficulty in selecting cables for my current system. It's time to upgrade as it's been years since I touched anything on it when it comes to wires.

The system runs McIntosh MC275 (two of them and may sell one in the future so I may or may not mono/bi-amp), McIntosh MC220 pre-amp, Rega P9 and a series of speakers, to which I will have to play with to determine which ones I keep. Infinity Reference 6's, Magneplanar III's, and Martin Logan Aerius's, oh and an older Paradigm self-powered sub.

In going through the list I was wondering about interconnects for the components and then speaker wires. XLR's, Coaxial or bare wires? After reading and researching many discussions on this I am more confused than I was originally.

I do want to start out simple, and inexpensive (say $500 - $1000) for all wires and see where I go from there.

Any advice, what do you use or what is your experience with certain cables/wires/connections would be very helpful.

Thanks and I do appreciate any comments.
I'll throw in my 2 cents as well, I'd try contacting Grover Huffman and ask him some questions. I am fully wired with his Sx IC and Se speaker cables and yes it did make a difference with my Apogee Slant 6s :) and he is very cost effective as well. But also I have to agree with everyone else as well and say that you should decide what speakers you're going to use but.... Grover's cables are (IMHO) are a world beater.
I went with Home Grown Audio DNA / X-32 and have never felt the need to change. I switched from Audioquest Volcano and Anaconda. The HGA cables are better than the Audioquest cabling they replaced. Much more revealing and natural.

HGA offers a 30 day free trial..

You kept the same wires for years!!!! Shame on you!! I hope you don't consider yourself an audiophile. Suppose everyone kept their wire for years??? How would the snake oil people keep their S classes and afford their life styles Think of other people sometimes!! It's not just about yourself!
The Cable Company seconded; you can go through a lot of cables, listen, and finally decide which you'd like to buy - in a situation like yours, it's the only way to go unless you enjoy spending a lot of money for naught.

Every system is different, as are every listener's expectations; synergy is everything in the world of cables. Blind recommendations are just that: blind. Only you can decide what will work and what won't.
Rok2id, I fully agree! The snake epidemic would be horrendous with many not being culled out for their oils:)