A great video on an artist you may not be aware of. Participants include Elvis Costello.


Whether you know of Jim Lauderdale or not, you will be very glad you watched this. You gotta trust me on this! 😉




I saw him more than a few times at Merlefest, Magnolia fest, Suwanee, and others often with Donna The Buffalo or others.

@wharfy I would add Darrell Scott and Tim O'Brien to the list also.

Damn I loved Guy Clark.


@markmoskow: I LOVE Larry Campbell! I saw him live when he was serving as Dylan’s guitarist, harmony singer, and band leader. After that he went to work for Levon Helm, both in recordings and the live shows in Levon’s Woodstock barn. He figures prominently in the Levon Helm documentary Ain’t In It For My Health (the title a quote from Levon in response to Robbie Robertson’s statement that the Rock ’n’ Roll life is not a healthy one. What a wuss. 😊 )

Larry and his wife/partner Teresa Williams have made three excellent albums, the latest (entitled All This Time) released just a month ago. Great songs, singing, and musicianship.


Jim’s film shows the heart and soul of this whole era. Jim, Buddy, Larry, all those guys had the rare talent to both do the music they wanted and not let the music business run them in circles (too much, although Larry’s Dylan days, who knows). @bdp24  The couple years making that series on Larry and Teresa was a gift to understand what the transitions it takes to be a working a musician.


Thanks for the link Mark, I'm definitely gonna subscribe and watch the series. Congratulations on a job well done!

I've been involved musically with some unique artists (Emitt Rhodes, Evan Johns, Pearl Harbour), and few people know the price they paid to follow their muse.