A Happy 100th Birthday to Francis A. - "He Did it His Way"

Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra
Born December 12th, 1915

After his death, American music critic Robert Christgau called him "the greatest singer of the 20th century."

Third Times a Charm... Thank you for the typo catches everyone.
Reminder to Self: Never post anything the same day you have root canal surgery.
 I'll wish Frankie a happy birthday BUT IMO Dean Martins voice was MUCH better.
I was just playing some Sinatra this morning. The album he did with Jobim. Bossa Nova stuff. 

freediver ... Yep, Dean Martin was an amazing singer too. Do you have his "Dream With Dean" album. I have a couple of the originals ... but its been reissued on 180 gm.  If you don't have it ... buy it. It's Dean Martin's best. 

Loved both FRANK and Dean, however Frank didn't just sing, he told personal stories with his voice, like no one before or since. His ability to "Connect" with his audience was unparalleled.


I knew this guy years ago and he would always tell me that the mafia promoted Frank Sinatra and that's why he was so big. I did know a prominent entertainer from the 60's so one day I had the chance to ask them that question. He basically said that Frank did have mob ties that did help him but if he wasn't such a talented singer he would have never made it as big as he was.