A.I. music

Possibly of interest: "the current rush to advance generative AI technology could be "spiritually, politically, and economically" corrosive. By effectively removing people, like musicians, from algorithms and tech that create new content, elements of society that were once connections between people are turned into "objects" that become less interesting and meaningful, Lanier explained.

"As soon as you have the algorithms taking music from musicians, mashing it up into new music, and then not paying the musicians, gradually you start to undermine the economy because what happens to musicians now happens to everybody later," Lanier said.

He noted that, while this year has been the "year of AI," next year the world is going to be "flooded, flooded with AI-generated music."



Hopefully it just becomes a new genre, but knowing how things work (ie follow the money, cut costs) probably not.

Ai has huge potential to be used or abused and who will even know the difference?

If it sounds good to you embrace it.

Otherwise ignore, like many human creations.

OP talks of "next year" and cites an article from "last year."

Who needs human beings?  
Nothin’ but trouble.  
Maybe A.I. can enslave us and mine our “soulfulness” reservoirs and then figure out how to getter emulate the human factor in music creation.  
Then we’d be set!

OP talks of "next year" and cites an article from "last year."

My apologies. It was from last October. So, "recently." So sorry for the error.

The good news is if you ever wonder what might have happened if The Beatles and Pink Floyd merged to form a supergroup in 1970, you may be able to find out very soon.

Or what if Bach joined Led Zeppelin?   Wouldn't that be interesting!