A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!

The title of this post is more literal than you might think. I’ve gotten back into mixed martial arts, Pancak Silat and Muay Thai but mostly Silat. Of course there is background music with the purpose of motivating. Typically metal, the likes of Motorhead, the Beastie Boys, etc.. I believe we’re just recycling the same tracks and I’ve been hoping for a while, to enlighten our sparing sessions with something fresh. I need recommendations for mindless music that will make people get pissed off and wanna beat each other up.




I typically just lurk in the Audiogon forum, but thought it worth logging in to respond to this one. These and other artists often fuel my powerlifting workouts:

If you are looking for something classic rock and thus blues-influenced I'd spend some time with Clutch, The Sword, Red Fang, the Tight Bros of Way Back When, or even further afield, High on Fire.

Prefer something a bit more gutteral and raw? Then you may want to start looking into the various flavors of metal and/or hardcore. For PR attempts I personally favor groups like Behemoth (Blackened Death), Amon Amarth (Viking), Batushka (Melodic Black), Slania-era Eluviete (Celtic), and various hard/metal/deathcore bands such as Advent, Refused, and Leaders.

One more for you to consider. Five finger death Punch. Very fitting for workout and training.

Infected Mushroom

Belphegor    Toten Ritual

Rage Against the Machine    Renegades

Orange 9MM / Tragic

Machine Head / Burn My Eyes

I feel sorry for your sparring partners.

Anthrax and Public Enemy x bring the noise. 

Gwar concerts (or whatever you call it) are great, if you don’t mind getting covered in questionable materials.