A³ - long meaningless post, I’d recommend you skip it



I thoroughly enjoy reading the questions and comments in “SME-driven” forums of all types. 


Three of the most passionate groups are definitely A³ : alcohol, automobiles and audio. 


It is entertaining to read cyber-keyboard debates on the whisky that “tastes better”; the sports car that “drives better”; or, the components that “sound better”. 


I was in Monte Carlo last summer, as a guest (before you incorrectly label me 🤔), having a drink (“without a doubt” it was a “top 10 merlot”) w my wife (she’s “top 1”, just in case she’s reading) in front of the casino (it’s “undeniably” a “top 3”) watching the uber-rich wait in line to valet-park (I’m “sure” the valet parking is “probably” top 3). 


This was people-watching at its emperor has no clothes best (“absolutely top 10”). We watched as the “look at me” subset exited from their (“top 7”, not really even debatable) exoticars w well-practiced feigned disdain, making sure not to bump their coiffures on orange gull-wing doors as they engaged their ample cores squirming out of their monocoque-protected environment, seats professionally positioned just off the chassis and mere inches off the ground, handing $2K fobs to the little valet human whilst trying very hard to act bored w it all as they were led up the stairs by (obviously) moonlighting MI6 operatives (“much better than” RAF or Special Forces), auspiciously to lose meaningless tens of thousands of euro. 


“The Best”. “Top 3”.  “Probably”. “Could be”.  “Might”. “Undebatable”. “Hands down”.  “A/B”. “My ears told



We are passionate creatures. 

Even engineers (that’s funny, btw!). 


Which is so strong at times it renders attempts at objective measurement useless. And, even if we could agree on a baseline - which is rare - then what?


What if an eccentric billionaire decided building rockets and automobiles was so yesterday’s news, and ventured into a side gig to find or build “the best” (fill in the blank) audio components. 


He built the “perfect” dedicated sound environment. Hired “the best” sound engineers. Bought every “top end” component available on the globe. Ran true double blind test scenarios w humans from all walks of life. 


And, after thorough scientific research and testing, introduced the clear winner. 


Would it matter?  


Of course not. 😂


So, why do we do it? 


Because we are passionate creatures - sum totals of our experiences - and perfectly flawed. 


So “hears” to all of us, this truly meaningless post, and our passionate diatribes with no winners or losers 🥂 


(Btw - my GoldenEar T1’s were without a doubt the best speaker under $5K when I bought them…)