A lot of hype about PS Audio, deservedly so ?

Hi, have been reading a lot about PS Audio BHK serie and their top Dac.
Do they deserve all the praise they are given, and do they hit way over their price class?

Also, how is the production quality?
I've got a BHK Pre amp coming this week. Next month I'm probably going to order a pair of M700 amps. Maybe...just maybe a BHK 250 instead....we'll see
Very Nice Positve Vibe Thread.A breath of fresh air from other threads that get nasty quick.I watch Pauls Videos and he sure seems be genuine and a heck of a nice guy.I could see buying with confidence from PS Audio in the future.
I'd like to see PS Audio and I need to go see my 2 Brother In Laws out in Beaver Creek anyway.It looks to be a 2 hourish drive.Or,convince them to drive over from Denver after touchdown.But,I have been invited by them for years and still haven't went so,there is that.
A two hour drive in the western US is a trip to the grocery store for most folks...🤪
Better grab everything you need when grocery shopping is a whole day job that's for sure