A lot of hype about PS Audio, deservedly so ?

Hi, have been reading a lot about PS Audio BHK serie and their top Dac.
Do they deserve all the praise they are given, and do they hit way over their price class?

Also, how is the production quality?
I'd like to see PS Audio and I need to go see my 2 Brother In Laws out in Beaver Creek anyway.It looks to be a 2 hourish drive.Or,convince them to drive over from Denver after touchdown.But,I have been invited by them for years and still haven't went so,there is that.
A two hour drive in the western US is a trip to the grocery store for most folks...🤪
Better grab everything you need when grocery shopping is a whole day job that's for sure

I'm considering getting a pair of Stellar M700 amps because of all the positive reviews and the comments in this thread. The thing I have a little reservation about is the quality of the power supplies in their components. Several people have commented about significant improvements of PS Audio gear with the addition of the power regenerator. With a well designed and built power supply, the incoming AC power should have minimal impact on the performance.
Here's my enthusiastic vote for PS Audio. Every experience I've had with the company has been positive. They make great products at a reasonable price, and their customer service is second-to-none. Paul McGowan is a gentleman and straight-shooter, very old school in his ethical business practices and friendly attitude. If only every audiophile company was this customer-centric.