A moment of silence for Henry Kloss....

I read in the newspaper a couple days ago that Henry Kloss passed away at 72. I want to start a thread in rememberence of someone who gave so much to the world of audio. From Acoustic Research to the founder of Cambridge Soundworks, we should all pay some respect to someone dedicated to our hobby of passion.... Henry Kloss, the man contributed a ton to the world of audio.
I agree (bowing my head now). Didn't we all start with Advent loudspeakers??!!!
Passed away on 1/31/2002.

See Sterophile article for a decent synopsis of his life:

Big loss, I used, and loved a Kloss Novabeam for 16 years, till the power supply burned this past year.

I saw him at many Summer CES shows thru-out the 1980's in Chicago. He was always very approachable, and genuine, never alof like some of his peers.

A real class act. He will be greatly missed..
I bought his little Model 1 table radio about a year ago-- a very nice sounding radio and based on his original design. It's attitude(s) and design(s) like his that make our hobby enjoyable or even possible. Craig
Henry Kloss's passing is a very sad irony for me. Several months ago, I bought a used pair of the New Advent Loudspeakers (vintage 1980), and have been astounded that this 30+ year old design still provides great music--- there is just a "rightness" to the sound. I wanted to write him to tell him just that, and that I wish he had brought this Advent "design" a little bit further since he first introduced it( Does anybody remember the "powered" Advents, the size of small refrigerator?!?....Henry Kloss will be remembered for more than his great products. He was very much a part of the generation of the 60's and 70's. Hi-Fi during these years, however unsophisticated compared to today's audio, was "fun" and exciting. So, Henry thanks for those superb toys you gave us that provided so much musical enjoyment. We'll miss you, but always love you.