A New Believer

I have listened to many systems over the years, and have never appreciated the difference speaker cables can make to a sound. In fact, I was so skeptical of the sound changes they can make that I have always not bothered with any special type of cables, generally going for generic (and dare I say it) roughly made ANY copper wire plugged in to amp and speaker. Well, imagine my surprise when I decided to do a blind test and listen to what difference cabling can make. Wow, my Vand 3A Sig's had been getting strangled! (some of you guys may want to strangle me if I told you what connects I had been using). So I am now a firm believer, cables DO make a difference.
I agree Grannyring, it isn't really important. What IS important is conveying to people that don't really have an opinion but are inquiring, maybe novices new to the hobby that there are two camps on this subject and to find out for yourself. Having said that I will say that it should NOT be anywhere close to the top of priorities in putting together a musically satisfying system, more like last. So far as power cords are concerned, DEAD last.

It really is an individual and personal endeavour for each to explore to the degree they see fit. Beyond that, it really isn't that important to me if folks don't believe it, I really don't care if they do or not.

Concerning the topic of price, which was never part of the original question, I don't believe it is relevant to this thread but it has surfaced. Since it has surfaced, to each his own, again listen with your own ears and you decide. It can get nuts, I agree but one man's nuts is another's nirvana. I wouldn't put it to myself to make any judgement on what one can or is willing to spend after all in the grand scheme of this hobby 95% of the rest of the world would consider us all nuts if they were let in on the details of our expenditures for this hobby, at least some of us! :)

Funny in that reading your first posts here @ AA (which started all of 8 months ago) it is apparent that you did not know zip about Hi-fi.

Now (8 months later;-) are you implying that you do?
The problem is there is no truth in this subject. Just subjective opinion. And there is nothing wrong with subjective opinion