A New Believer

I have listened to many systems over the years, and have never appreciated the difference speaker cables can make to a sound. In fact, I was so skeptical of the sound changes they can make that I have always not bothered with any special type of cables, generally going for generic (and dare I say it) roughly made ANY copper wire plugged in to amp and speaker. Well, imagine my surprise when I decided to do a blind test and listen to what difference cabling can make. Wow, my Vand 3A Sig's had been getting strangled! (some of you guys may want to strangle me if I told you what connects I had been using). So I am now a firm believer, cables DO make a difference.
The problem is there is no truth in this subject. Just subjective opinion. And there is nothing wrong with subjective opinion
"Which post"?...

Specifically your first two queries.

How does opining (as if you know what you are talking about in a
definitive manner) about items you have most likely not experienced in
the real world equate to "seeking truth"?
how do you know what my real world experiences are? I know all the essential truths about audio equipment. Working forty years in electronics will do that. Now maybe you are better versed in the pathetic, absurd drivel that passes for debate and truth on this site. But you don't have to read my posts. So if you will ignore me, I can assure you I can and will ignore you. But be clear, I will opinin as I please.
I'm definitely with Al on this one - granted that there are differences, the prices of wire are truly absurd compared to the amount of the audible difference made. I agree with Elizabeth; wire should constitute no more than 5% of the entire system budget, and for me that percentage goes down the greater the total cost of the system.
some guy offered a million dollars if one of the so-called audio gurus at stereophile, could pick the 'high end' cables vs lamp cord in a blind test. that million is still on the table. anyone need a quick million? the guru called in sick. :)