A New Believer

I have listened to many systems over the years, and have never appreciated the difference speaker cables can make to a sound. In fact, I was so skeptical of the sound changes they can make that I have always not bothered with any special type of cables, generally going for generic (and dare I say it) roughly made ANY copper wire plugged in to amp and speaker. Well, imagine my surprise when I decided to do a blind test and listen to what difference cabling can make. Wow, my Vand 3A Sig's had been getting strangled! (some of you guys may want to strangle me if I told you what connects I had been using). So I am now a firm believer, cables DO make a difference.
I hope my post didn't discourage you Rok2id, it wasn't my intention. I really believe in what I said. I've been in this hobby a long time and prior to the internet much of what I learned was far more gradual than it is now with the vast amount of information and experiences available. The improvements and knowledge I've gained over the past 10 years would have never been realized if not for this site and others. I never believed half of what I read because it just didn't make any sense to me. This is the point, you really have to listen. I am absolutely convinced now that measurements of electronic equipment DO NOT tell the whole story of what we hear. If you remain entrenched in your belief system based on your knowledge of electronic theory without listening you are not giving it a chance, no curiosity. How can you be so certain that what you believe is right? You really can't but then again maybe you aren't curious enough to find out first hand. If you still don't believe it after comparing then at least you can speak with greater authority and self satisfaction.
'If you have come to this site with preconceived notions and are attempting to "set things right" in a search for truth, you are quite frankly in the wrong place'.

I came to this site to talk about stereo equip and music. I agree, I am in the wrong place.

'All most of us really want is reproduced music that is satisfying to us personally'

I have that now.
I am not discouraged. I just asked a simple question.
If the signal,i.e., the information on two different cables going to identical speakers in the same enviroment is the same. Why would the sound out of the speakers be different?
I was told 'you have to have faith'. As far as I am concerned, that ended the argument. You can't argue with faith.
I don't think you have fully understood the implications of the philosophy that permeates this site.
I do not have some sort of personal 'belief system' when it comes to hifi equipment. I follow the science. The people I learned from are all dead, and they had no agenda. They just loved the equipment and music. So do I. BTW I don't think there is anyone on this site more curious than I am. Hence my question in the first place.
"I was told 'you have to have faith'. As far as I am concerned, that ended the argument. You can't argue with faith."