A New Believer

I have listened to many systems over the years, and have never appreciated the difference speaker cables can make to a sound. In fact, I was so skeptical of the sound changes they can make that I have always not bothered with any special type of cables, generally going for generic (and dare I say it) roughly made ANY copper wire plugged in to amp and speaker. Well, imagine my surprise when I decided to do a blind test and listen to what difference cabling can make. Wow, my Vand 3A Sig's had been getting strangled! (some of you guys may want to strangle me if I told you what connects I had been using). So I am now a firm believer, cables DO make a difference.
The person that suggested you must have faith is on the side of not hearing a difference. Read a few of his threads on cables and that will be verified. I agree with Grannyring, listen for yourself. That is the only way. Assuming that we know how to measure everything that the human hearing mechanism can distinguish is incredibly arrogant. Fortunately, at one time, someone proved that the world is not flat. All of the scientists and people who knew beyond any doubt otherwise, thought him a fool for holding such beliefs without ever investigating themselves. Again, listen for yourself. It can be done with little to no investment other than time and an open mind.
"The original poster thinks there are sonic differences between cables. That's great, if he's happy why should I try to convince him otherwise"

Rja, I don't think you read through this thread carefully, I didn't read anywhere where anyone was trying to convince anyone about anything but their personal experiences. The Truthsayers were the disbelievers that essentially stated its all a bunch of hogwash based on an implied group think philosophy (Rok2id's "I don't think you have fully understood the implications of the philosophy that permeates this site." comment) What kind of bulls..t is that? I am personally insulted by that remark. Look around this site, different folks with different ideas and different tastes. I'm not trying to convince anyone, just relaying MY personal experiences as did the OP in his opening.

The point isn't to prove a point but to relay personal experiences. It isn't an article of faith it is trusting the two apendages on either side of your head and not relying TOTALLY on measurements that may but may not totally explain what we are hearing.

The real guys with the religion are the guys that buy into the science with the BELIEF that all that we hear can be measured, end of story. I don't care if they believe that all I'm here to do is share what I can hear without trying to prove anything to anybody.
Lord, my burden is great

you have a stereo system. You decide for some reason that the sound you hear can be 'better'. You must have a shortcoming that you can describe i.e. lack of a certain freq response, no soundstage, noise/distortion, lack of dynamic range etc.....
1.why would you conclude the cable is at fault?
2. which cable do you buy? do they have what problems the cable fixes printed on the package?
3.If cable #1 $500 improves your sound does that mean cable#2 $600 will improve it more?
4. can you reach a point where you undo some of the earlier improvements?
5. do the makers say what effect their product will have on your system?
just curious, do you believe that lifting the cables off the carpet improves the sound?
Lifting the cables off the carpet not only helps the sound, it costs nothing.