A New MC to Catch One's Attention

The Link is showing a most recent Cartridge on offer from Audio Technica.

From what I see in the sales spiel, there are a good line up of what would be Ticked Boxes to get the model noticed.

There seems to be plenty on offer to get one's attention.




As said many Buzz Words in the Sales Brochure Spiel: Hand Crafted - Diamond Unified Armature and Styli - Hybrid Metal Body (Titanium, Aluminium with a Special Elastomer Damping Applied - Use of Traditional Shippo (Seven Treasures) Enamelling - Attractive Specification to suit the most usual of Set Ups.

There is something in there for everybody to succumb to, even to the point of alluring other Japanese Brand Cart's users through the references made for the Romanticising the usage of Heritage Craft, that is kept ongoing in the present, by those who are dedicated to being disciplined in the required skills as Artisans in their Craft.

It is the referencing to the Traditional Craft in conjunction with Hand Crafted that is the Clever Angle. The Cart' is produced from Parts that are not in any way, using a methodology that shares a method of production from a Heritage Skill.

A Technician employed to assemble the finished item, is potentially only responsible for a proportion of the requirement. The Technician is certainly not an individual employed for having a recognised skill as an Artisan for producing Heritage Crafts.

By adding a Shippo Enamelling to the Product does without doubt add a coating that has a Heritage, what it does not do, is add anything other than an Aesthetic, the Cart' does not depend on the Coating to function, nor does the Coating being incorporated Elevate the Cart' to a Level of Performance that is notable. 

By adding a Shippo Enamelling the Cart' is not transported to a period of in History when Japanese Craftmanship was revered along with the Samurai. 

I don't buy into such Blurb, but each to their own. 

I do without doubt see this Cart' as being a very much appreciated model and look forward to seeing how it grows in the imagination, following user reports of its capabilities.  

What has got my attention through reading the Brochure, is that I have not been able to discover the Coil Wire used.

The AT Brand was pioneers in their adoption of OCC Wire as a Coil Wire and Tag Pins. They may be the only Mainstream Brand to have used the wire.

I was hoping AT were to adopt the use of a PC Triple C or D.U.C.C Wire in a Cart' with a New Design, as there is, in my view, a place for either of these wires used for a coil. 

These Wire Materials are not unfamiliar to AT, as they have been producing their Hi End Cables with these wires, in either singular or a combined configuration on the signal path in a Cable for quite some time.