A New MC to Catch One's Attention

The Link is showing a most recent Cartridge on offer from Audio Technica.

From what I see in the sales spiel, there are a good line up of what would be Ticked Boxes to get the model noticed.

There seems to be plenty on offer to get one's attention.




Better than well, thanks.

The thought of spending big money on a wear item is what led me to take the leap to the Soundsmith Strain Gauge. For the $9k this AT cartridge cost I got a used SG with extra SGS6 stylus AND was able to send it out to Rens Heijnis for an upgraded amp section and conversion to run on lithium batteries. That’s a world class cartridge AND phono stage for the cost of just this one cart.

Also the SG stylus is easily user replaceable. When the same friend in Belgium who recommended the Heijnis upgrade sent me some I was able to Change them out and try different ones. It takes mere seconds to change the stylus, and I mean literally, like 30 seconds or something like that. Don’t even have to readjust VTF or alignment or anything.

Part of the reason for going SG was the user replaceable stylus. Unfortunately it seems having moving mass that is only a fraction of even the lightest MC means not only does the SG track incredibly well, it does this with negligible wear. So that spare stylus might just have to sit there a while.

Where others have to swap cartridges to explore different sounds there are an assortment of different styluses that can be run on the SG. I may well try the SGS5 some day, the one I had here briefly had a really captivating liquid sound I would sure like to hear again.

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