A New? Way to Buy Loudspeakers??

I'm not saying that this is going to save high end...or that this is the way that most of us will buy loudspeakers going forward...but you've got to give these guys credit for coming up with a new idea that might just pull a few more people into the "hobby" by lessening some of the risk, cost and hassle.

Check this out....and just give it a try for yourself with a decent set of headphones...


just pick some speakers and hit the compare button...then scroll to the bottom and hit the "compare these products" button
on the right....then follow the directions.

What do you think?
Given the importance of placing and room characteristics to speaker performance, this makes no sense at all. Fun to play with perhaps, but meaningless.
Reading between their lines, the comparison is performed inside a computer of how each speaker is supposed to sound based upon their measurements. This means you are never hearing a recording of a real speaker. In studios, software can simulate different guitar amps, through which to playback your 'raw' guitar until you hear what you want. Same for simulating different reverb chambers, microphone preamps, various equalizers and compressors. Those processes work rather well but speakers? All the variables mentioned above are not addressed nor can ever be. Bogus.
Very cool if it can actually convey the tonality and dynamics of speakers alone through headphones.  Will give it a try with my phones and some speakers I know and see what I hear.
It's very funny to me!  There is no way you can evaluate how a speaker will sound, hooked up to your electronics, in your room, by using this method.

I have a friend who is a software developer (smart about that), and once told me that he compared "this" speaker to "that" one, and thought "this" sounded better.  When I asked if he'd found them both at his local audio shop, he said "no", it was from watching a Youtube, listening to the results on the little 1" speakers on his laptop.

Very funny!