A Nice repair story

My Mcintosh MC 402 broke a few weeks before Christmas it would power up but no sound. I removed it from the rack (110# amp) and was in the process of calling the repair shop when my wife tells me not to get it fixed until after Christmas.

I protest but to no avail, guess she wanted a music break. On December 31st I haul

the amp into George Meyer Av Repair and meet the owner George Meyer

After a brief conversation I tell him I am going through music withdrawal due to my Wife's unreasonable request to wait. He tells me that he will put a rush on the repair I tell him that would be great and say thank you.

On January 2nd at 4:09 pm I get a text "Your Mcintosh MC402 is completed and ready for pick up"  I did not think it possible to get it fixed so fast.

Kudos to George Mayer AV !!! 


That is awesome. I was talking with a guy in one of the FB high end audio groups and he is waiting over 9 months for a MC 500 to be repaired at the factory.  I’ll have to bookmark your post in case my MC302 ever needs attention.  Happy it worked out for you. 

Looks like you got a workout!

I've had a few things  repaired there. Recently GM AV refreshed a tube phono stage,and it came out performing better than new.

"meet the owner George Meyer"

You spoke with the owner Morris. GM is long gone. The original shop was on Santa  Monica Blvd.

Morris is a cool, no BS dude. Upon picking up my phonostage, Morris declared it "BADASS!" Meaningful, from someone who's heard their share.