A pair of Acoustat's with a TNT 200 but what is the best speaker cables?

OK guys I need to know what is the best speaker cables for a pair of Acoustat spectra's 33 and 2+2's
I need something that would make them image very well and make them open up with this Acoustat tnt 200 amp. I am
a Jazz lover ( George Benson) and Acoustic Music,I also would like something that will work good with Ribbons like Apogee's. I need to find something that will not Break the bank, if i have to DYI them i will. thank's 
Run your own using 14 or 12 gauge UP-OCC Teflon wire or Neotech Cable NEMOS-3080 from PartsConnexion. 
If you can place the amp close to the speakers, then copper foil inductors and Saran Wrap. Unwind the foil, make two strips, terminate them with spades and wrap each with Saran Wrap to prevent shorts. Look it up on the old Apogee forum. Works fantastically well with Scintillas, as per one long time user. Should be great with Acoustats.