A perfect song? What are your choices?

Can there be such a thing as a perfect song? I have a suggestion, what are yours? Here is a thought...






Not sure if one would consider it the perfect song but go listen to a Britain's Got Talent recent You Tube where Loren Allred sings Never Enough from the Greatest Showman. She is just incredible. She actually sang it for the actress that lip-synced .


What makes this a perfect song for you? 

It would be great to hear peoples perspectives on why a song resonates with them.  Is it the lyrics, the music, the set of instrumentation chosen, the fidelity...?


The first several I thought of:


In Dreams by Roy Orbison

Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

If I Loved You by Rogers and Hammerstein

On The Street Where You Live by Lerner and Loewe

Somewhere by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim


Interestingly, they all share the theme of young love/lust/yearning!

“I scare myself” Dan Hicks

”Song for Sharon” Joni Mitchel

”Come on Home” Lambert Hendricks & Ross

”I love you for sentimental  reasons” Kurt Elling