A perfect song? What are your choices?

Can there be such a thing as a perfect song? I have a suggestion, what are yours? Here is a thought...






A perfect song would be akin to pure musical pleasure.

You’d never get tired of it, and it would never fail to resonate with you.

I agree with what @kb54 said earlier.

For me also the theme of young love/ lust / yearning never loses its charm and never gets old.

It’s the stuff of life itself.



Bobby Goldsboro - Summer (the first time)

The Clash - Stay Free

CSN - Guinnevere

CSN - Wooden Ships

Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb - Witchita Lineman

Smog - To Be of Use

Prefab Sprout - Bonny

REM -,Driver 8

Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven

Lucy Pearl- Dance Tonight

John Mayer - Gravity

BB King - 3 O Clock Blues

Norah Jones - Those sweet words